Life no matter how hard we try cannot and will not go exactly how we want it to. Hence the saying, "if wishes were horses, beggars would ride". We all have one or two things we wish for but since there are no genies and fairy godmothers, they will only remain wishes. As awkward as … Continue reading WISHES


There are certain routine activities that become norm and often stems out of harmless acts. Despite the conscious negative effect such acts may have on us, it becomes had to break away from them; reasons being that it has been repeated so often that it feels right or because it serves as a haven. A … Continue reading BAD HABITS


A life foretold Predestined occurrences Revealed by the Prophets Even before he was conceived Born of a virgin mother A humble father As little as he was So harmless Yet they sought his death As gentle and tender He was worshipped From humble beginnings Yet had great accomplishments As it was written so he lived … Continue reading LIVING KING