Pure, gentle, fair and true
As white as a dove
Kind and tender
Harmless, certainly!
Just when you feel comfortable
The moment you settle
Then they strike suddenly
Outburst of the innerself
Wolf in sheep's clothing.

Perfect camouflage
Devil in disguise
Blood sucking vampire
Flesh preying carnivore
Do not be deceived
By their deeds they shall be seen
Angel face, cunning brains
Seasoned speech yet venomous tongue
Wolf in sheep's clothing.

Wolf in sheep's clothing
Smile at you with a knife ready 
to stab from behind
Prey on vulnerability
Jolly over weakness
Trained assassin
Obtain trust and then shutter 
it into bits
Counsel like a friend
Yet masterminding downfalls
Teeth sharp and piercing
Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.