We are the lights that leads the 
Clearing the path that others may 
We are the voice that must be heard,
For others to find their own voice.
We are the martyrs that stand for
our convictions,
That all together will fight for 
what they believe in.
We are!

We are the pioneers that begin a
For generations yet unborn to 
We are those who come from grass 
to grace that the hopeless can 
aspire to.
We are the leaders of today,
Challenging the status quo for the 
leaders of tomorrow.
We are!

We are the bruised and hurt,
Enduring the pain for the greater
We are the forgotten,
Relegated to the sideline as 
We are the vulnerable,
Often abused and misused.
We are the young and denied,
Often misunderstood and 
We are!

We are the hope for the hopeless,
We are the strength for the weak,
We are the pillar for the broken,
We are the joy for those who
We are the advocates for the 
We are!

We are what we fight for,
We are what we stand for,
We are what we believe in,
We are the choices we make,
We are who we are because we are
what we are.