Until I lost,
I had you right there,
There within my reach.
Reaching for you was never a doubt.
Doubting now I am, because I lost.

They say you never know what you 
have until you loose it.
Loosing you has awaken my blindness.
A blindness that begun with 
A blurredness that made me sightless.
Sightless to your beauty.
Beauty like a fury.

I take my time to reminisce.
In reminiscing I realised my mistakes.
Mistakes that made me foolish.
Foolish of your worth.
I lost, I lost, I lost and until I 
Until I lost,
I lost you.
You who made me,me.
Made me, me
Until I didn't know me.

Now I see prints,
Footprints, handprints, love prints.
Prints which reminds me of you.
You who I couldn't bare loose.
Loose, a word I thought I never
New to me now, but its a fact.
A fact I can't dispute.
I lost,
Until I lost.