Love me for me, or leave me to be.
Let me be me,or let me go please.
I may not be perfect,
But am still a work in progress
I would rather be a genotype of 
myself than be your prototype.
Cause in the end you will still be

Am I the one with "the" problem?
Or is the problem you?
You accepting me for me,
You,the voice that lingers in my head.
Spelling out all my flaws,
Doing me all the wrongs.
The dark shadow hovering around me.
Making me feel inferior.

Love me for me, or leave me to be.
Support my dreams or don't kill them, please!
In the end it's my life regardless.
I am not your image,
I don't need to project your reflection.

I resolve to love me for me.
Do what matters to me.
You may think it's selfish, but 
really isn't.
Selfish is when you want to live 
your life through me.
I owe myself the best of me.
And I will love me for me.